6 thoughts on “playhouse

  1. Hello, I saw your playhouse via the shedworking website

    It is the only playhouse I have seen that children could grow up with and use as teenagers and then adults can take it over! Solid and simple allowing their imaginations to make what they will of it. Only thing is we live in Britain and you are in USA. Any chance you could commission someone here to make one for us? OR could you ship the cut pieces for us to assemble? Any ideas re the cost? Ideally I’d like to have the playhouse raised up on stilts if possible too [so it is like a treehouse – but we don’t have any big trees] – so there could be a tyre/swingseat underneath or maybe these could hang off the side roof if the beams are strong enough?

    Nice work.

    Best wishes, Sarah

  2. This is a great play space! I’d love to know more about how it’s constructed? How are the corners secured? I saw it a while back and am just now taking a closer look at it. Great job!

    • Thank you for the kind words. As the wood is stacked, each piece is nailed through to the one below at the corners. There are also loose 4×4’s that are bunched together into platforms, which can be adjusted. The wood is cedar and is aging beautifully in the San Francisco climate – it is now silver with a light coating of moss. The four corners of the house and the base of the triangular support all rest on poured concrete footings. There is no floor- it’s open to the soil below…

  3. Hi, I’m an architect in Leeds, UK looking to build a playhouse for my children and came across this – wow! Is there a roof on this playhouse too? Can’t quite tell from the pictures…

    • Thank you! Yes, the roof over the house is of spaced 4×4’s (just like the roof of the awning over the sandbox) and interlocks with the awning roof at the top of the wall. So it provides a little shade but no weather protection.

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